Smartphone With Artificial Intelligence

In the near future smartphones will be equipped with artificial intelligence (AI). There are numerous benefits associated with this smartphone such as language translator, camera, improved security, user behaviour and voice assistants.

In terms of language translator, the smartphone has a capability of translating different languages in real-time without the need of an internet connection. Along with a language translator, Al system is designed to identify user’s usage pattern and will start applying it on a day to day basis. Al system has the ability to identify user’s face for security when combined with Apple’s elaborate hardware. The new enhanced Al integration comes with improved voice assistants, they not only reply to queries but also execute tasks like searching a particular song, typing a message and placing an online order. The camera for the smartphone, which is designed with artificial intelligence system can detect things that are kept in front of the camera frame and accordingly will adjust the settings for a good picture. The Al can identify facial features and automatically enhance them for a high resolution portrait.

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