SmartMat integrates responsive sensors to quantify yoga experience.

Yoga is one of those exercises that requires, teaching and a lot of guidance.  Each posture needs to be executed with precession but what if you could improve your yoga game without attending classes? Well, that's where the SmartMat is designed to come in.
SmartMat, a crowd-funding project launched on Indigogo is being touted as a yoga teacher rolled into a mat. It is a portable responsive yoga mat that by using pressure sensor data, it can convey information to an app on your phone which will correct your postures. It aims to, improve and adjust a yoga practice by learning the user’s position and suggestions corrections toward a better alignment or pose.
This involves entering information such as your age, height, gender and weight on the accompanying iOS/Android app. You can also lie down on the mat itself, so its sensors can obtain length measurements of your arms, legs and torso.
The app will guide you through a series of basic poses, noting the positioning and pressure index of your hands and feet as you do them. The posture alignment will be tailored to the individual and the app will then rate each posture on alignment, balance and pose, as well as generating an overall rating for the user so they can figure out how well they held each posture.
The software will initially be able to recognize 62 yoga postures and as the user becomes stronger and flexible over time the app revise your progress accordingly.
The SmartMat comes with three settings for recording and alerting the user during a yoga routine- In-Home Private Mode which lets the user choose and follow an entire class from within the app as well as receiving real-time feedback on their practice, In-Class Assist Mode (which will provide visual or audio prompts while the mat is used during an instructed class and Zen Mode which just tracks and records postures without providing real-time feedback.
Like any other mat, SmartMat is washable and portable and gives you a comfortable surface to practice on, and can hold a battery charge for up to 6 hours.
The planned retail price is $297 and you can order them at

 ..... Devashree Goenka