Smart Clothing for Sports

A few years ago, fitness trackers were a rage. Wearing sensors on your wrist made tracking all your activities and checking your calorie intake easy. However, these fitness trackers may not always be accurate. Hence, scientists and designers came together and invented something called as ‘smart clothing’. They are nothing but the regular clothing but with sensors in them. Used as daily clothing, the sensors of smart clothing are connected to your body using the same technology as the wrist trackers. With the increasing demand for this type of clothing, many companies are now coming up with their own products of smart fabrics, which can track your activities and even your heart rate!

Why smart clothing?

Not many of you may like wearing a watch all the time; there’s the problem of sweat and the feeling that something’s stuck on you. Smart clothing is so light and breezy on you that you feel light!

How does it work?

The sensors that are embedded in your everyday wear make smart clothing accurate. And since the clothing touches your body, it is easy for it to understand the minutest things happening in your body.

So essentially, smart clothing will monitor your heart rate and analyze your vitals, especially in the case of sport activities. It monitors your breathing pattern too. Once researchers innovate further, the benefits will be endless. The best part of wearing smart clothing is that it does not deviate from the normal. Now, science is as easy as wearing clothes!