Slow-braised lamb shanks with thai curry sauce

Ingredients                  Qty

lamb shank              200 gm    
star anise                1 piece    
salt                          1 gm    
black pepper           1 gm    
extra virgin olive oil 10 ml    
potato                     120 gm    
cream                     50 gm    
garlic                       5 gm    
lemongrass             5 gm    
red curry paste       10 gm    
coriander                2 gm    
coconut milk           10 gm    
demi-glace             150 gm    
tomato paste          20 gm   


1.   Wash the lamb shanks, and arrange then on a heavy-bottomed tray.
2.   Heat demi-glace and tomato paste with star anise separately. Season.
3.   Add it to the tray, cover well with foil, and place it in a hot oven for braising.
4.   Let it slow cook for 3-4 hours. Cook until the meat starts falling off the bone.
5.   Meanwhile, boil the potatoes, and mash them smooth. Season, and add chopped lemongrass and cream.
6.   Make the Thai sauce with garlic, red curry paste, and coconut milk. Add a bit of the demi-glace from the tray for extra flavour.
7.   Serve the lamb shank with the side of lemongrass mashed potatoes and layer with the smooth Thai curry sauce.