Skincare Tips For Men

When we think of skincare, what usually comes to mind are beauty products for women. The fairer sex has myriads of choices when it comes to skincare, but the fact is that most men are hardly aware of what kind of care they need.

The need to look good goes beyond vanity, whether it’s men or women. The condition of the skin and hair is a mirror to inner health, and this is why it is important for men to do that extra little bit to ensure that they look good. After all, first impressions are lasting, and no one wants to look unkempt.

Men’s skincare is a rather ignored topic, especially compared to women’s skincare, which is a favourite among women of all ages, all over the world. For men, skincare is usually limited to a good shave and maybe an aftershave. What often goes unnoticed is that men’s skin, though tougher and stronger, is still subjected to the stresses of daily life, including UV rays, pollution and many more. Daily stress and lack of sleep too affects a man’s skin and shows quite clearly.

While you don’t have to be a self-professed metrosexual and go by a strict schedule of manicures and pedicures, simple things like getting an occasional facial or using the right shampoo for your hair type can ensure that you look your very best, every single day. Women have known for ages that looking good can directly impact the way you feel, and it’s about time men caught up!

The one thing that’s important when it comes to skincare is that you shouldn’t wait for a problem to occur before addressing it. Prevention is definitely better than cure, so taking proper care of the skin will ensure that the skin remains healthy and looks its best.

A facial is probably the best way to ensure that skin gets the pampering it needs. A facial is simply a refreshing deep skin treatment that cleanses and moisturises the skin. It is the perfect way to counteract the harmful effects of UV rays and sun exposure. Facials are a great way to improve circulation, get rid of oil and grime and exfoliate dead skin. It encourages natural cell regeneration and relaxes the facial muscles, reducing the appearance of wrinkles. And wrinkles are something even the manliest of men would love to forego – who wouldn’t want to look younger?!

Vimla Chandramani, beauty expert tells us, “Men need to trust their skin in the hands of a beautician or a skin therapist, so that they can figure out their skin type and suggest the right kind of care.”

Vimla tells us that a basic skincare routine of cleansing, toning and moisturising is essential to ensure that facial skin is at its best. And great skin ensures that you look your best, and boosts your self confidence!

Hair is another aspect of their looks that men tend to worry about. Whether you’re 14 or 40, gelling your hair into spikes or worrying about hairfall, men may not admit it, but they do care about their hair! And haircare is very important to ensure that hair stays healthy and strong. Male hair tends to need daily washing, so it’s essential to use a shampoo for dry hair, Vimla tells us, and conditioner must be used twice a week. Hairstyling products like wax, gel, mousse or spray are also popular, but caring for hair is as important as using the right products to make it look good. While choosing products, it is important to pick the right brand since compromising on quality could affect the hair!

Hair loss and balding are problems that plague many men as they age, but there are many treatments available to nourish the hair and rejuvenate the scalp. Treatments that use herbal or chemical ingredients are a great option to give hair that extra bit of nourishing care.

So for all the men out there who dismiss skin and hair treatments as girly indulgences, think again! Try a facial, a hair treatment or even a relaxing foot massage. Trust us… once you see the results, you’ll be back for more!       - Elizabeth