Singer Kehlani Opens up About Her Privilege After Coming out as a Lesbian

American singer-songwriter Kehlani who spoke up about her sexuality last year, says she has had a lot of privileges after that. Kelani was discussing her experience of being a queer artiste working in mainstream music.

"I have a lot of privileges (as a) cisgender-presenting, straight-presenting," the singer told the Advocate, reports aceshowbiz.

She added: "I think a lot of artistes who we talk about and say, 'Oh, they had to come out or they had to do this,' a lot of them can't hide it. A lot of it is very much in how they present themselves." 

The singer said that she had it easier than other LGBTQ+ community members who work in the entertainment industry. "It's tougher for them. It's tougher for trans artistes. It's tougher for black gay men. It's tougher for black masculine gay women," she said.

Talking about her privilege compared to other queer artistes before her who were denied opportunities due to trans and homophobia, Kehlani said, "I don't walk down the street and have people look at me and go, 'Oh, I bet she's queer.' Or 'I bet that she's into women' or anything like that because of the way I present myself."

In the interview, the singer also thanked people for supporting her to be who she wants to be.