SIMSIM & Chill!

After Hotstar, Amazon Prime and Netflix, SIMSIM CINEMA, an international OTT platform is making its inroads to India with a vision to focus on the global viewership and treat its viewers with both quality and quantity.
SIMSIM CINEMA is perhaps one of the few salient examples of a major entertainment OTT platform that has not only leaned into but dived headfirst into its global content strategy. On the winding road,SIMSIM CINEMA is journeying towards establishing itself as the go-to entertainment service provider for the vast portion of the world’s population.
As their subscription numbers climb, the platform leans towards a novel strategy that would help them continue to grow as they expand internationally; produce local-language content specifically geared for the viewers in the different territories. The emergence of SIMSIM CINEMA, India has exposed OTT viewers to premium international content in different languages apart from Hollywood and Bollywood.
Apart from their extensive Bollywood library, the website’s international selection features award winning content. The platform is launched byIftekhar Alam and headquarters in Singapore.It is committed to provide its viewers the best content for their entertainment needs, a high-quality video-on-demand OTT streaming platform!

SIMSIM CINEMA gives viewers the freedom to watch whatever, whenever and wherever they want. There is unlimited diverse content; one can easily watch it on any smart device by just having an internet connection.
Iftekhar Alam, owner of SIMSIM CINEMA says, “SIMSIM CINEMA features entertaining, uplifting content that combines excellent storytelling and superior talents of various media fields. We live in an age where entertainment is just a tap away especially during COVID. We are a progressive civilisation, seeking opportunities to expand in every field. SIMSIM CINEMA features diverse and quality content.”