Simple workout mistakes to avoid

Have you ever wondered, no matter how hard your working out  you are not able to get your body to look as fit as you had imagined? Are you thinking of backing out of your fitness program because you are frustrated? Well, your not the only one who’s feeling this way. Don’t just give up on your fitness goal just yet. Maybe the problem is not the exercises but the way your exercising. 

Before starting your fitness journey, you need to keep in mind that there are several factors that might be sabotaging your goals. The first and the foremost thing to do is to figure out  common mistakes you might be doing and avoid them to achieve better results.

In this article, we give you a rundown of a few common exercise mistakes and how you can keep them from derailing your fitness routine. Without further delay, lets get to a few lesser known mistakes that several people do while working out.

1. Stop doing the same set of workouts every day. In order to stay fit, it very essential to indulge in physical workout everyday. But you need to keep in mind that doing the same set of exercises every single day may not yield the desired results. To begin with repeating the same exercises with the same intensity and duration may show some results but over the long run it may not do any good to your body. Once you hit the weight loss plateau, your body will stop responding as it gets used to the daily workout sessions. A great tip to achieve the desired fitness goals is to build a workout plan consisting of various activities. For example, if your doing cardio  everyday for about 30 minutes, change the routine to twice a day and try out a new challenge. This new challenge can be any form of physical activity like cycling, yoga, or pilates. Develop a workout session which is a combination of several activities and not just one. While it is good to try out new exercises, you also need to keep in mind that you should never exercise beyond what you think you can do. Try to avoid exercises that might be strenuous.

2. Watch out for what your feeding your body before and after workouts. Are you one of those individuals who like to munch on an energy bar after sweating in the gym? Do you prefer refueling your body with an energy drink before or after work out? If so, then you may need to watch out for what your feeding your body. A lot of times, people invest on buying expensive energy drinks or even bars which are of no use. Studies have shown that the best way to keep your body hydrated while or after working out is to drink plenty of water. A great way to ensure your giving the right kind of nutrition to your body is to pay a visit to a dietitian or a sports nutritionist. These highly qualified and trained nutrition experts will guide you with the right kind of food to eat in order to stay fit and active. They might even help you to debunk some of the myths behind these nutritional bars and drinks, that are being sold in the market.

3. Skipping warm-ups- Are you one of those individuals who avoid  warm-ups before exercising?  we all are tempting to perform the best exercises in the shortest amount of time, and often this involves skipping warmups. You must keep in mind that your doing more harm to your body than good by skipping warm up exercises. These simple workouts are an essential part of your fitness regime. Simple stretches before exercising or playing any sports will lower the chances of getting injured, helps your athletic performance and your mental health. Warm ups also ensure adequate supply of oxygen, and blood to the muscles. A warmup involves brisk walk, jumping jacks or simply stretching your legs and hands. Static stretching, which is nothing but stretching while your standing still is a great way to prepare your body for the intense workout session. Several studies have shown that warm ups reduce the thickness of your muscles and in turn make them more flexible. It also helps them respond better to stress. Another study on the importance of warmups suggest that warm ups help athletes to perform better. 

There are different set of warm up exercises that must be done before different workouts. For example, if your planning to do yoga, then you will have to perform warm ups like hand and wrist rotations, breathing exercises, and neck movements.  For cardio, you will have to do jumping jacks,  and knee twists. Likewise, for weightlifting, you have to brisk walk on the treadmill and perform some weightlifting movements without the actual weights.

4. Make sure your getting eight hours of sleep. Often times a lot of people are in the misconception that even if they don’t eat the right kind of food nor sleep well, they still can lead a healthy life because they are working out regularly. But the truth is besides exercise, your body needs adequate sleep and proper nutrition to stay active. There are a multitude of benefits associated with sleep. It helps build and repair muscles after a rigorous workout session. While your sleeping, your body tends to recover and in turn conserves energy. As adults we need to sleep for atleast 7 to 8 hours every night. Good sleep also promotes the development of growth hormones in children. Inadequate sleep might trigger various health issues and also it can hinder weight loss goals.

Some ways to ensure your getting  adequate sleep every night is

•  Stay away from caffeine before going to bed.
•  Restrain from watching TV or checking social media accounts before going to bed.
•  Create a peaceful atmosphere.
•  Practice meditation or read a book before sleeping.
•  Be consistent with your sleeping pattern.

5. Eat a well balanced diet- Have you ever found yourself thinking that you can eat anything just because your exercising regularly? Even though you might be working really hard at the gym, you need to aware that diet is equally essential to achieve your fitness goals. For those of you who are working out to lose weight should keep in mind that just not exercise but even diet  plays a key role in your weight loss program. Maintaining a balance between your workouts and consuming nutritious diet is important for a good mental and physical wellbeing. You might be wondering, what comprises of a well balanced diet? Well the answer is pretty simple, a diet which is loaded with a whole lot of vegetables and fruits. This diet is low in sugar, salt and fat. It contains a high amount of fibre, proteins, vitamins and minerals. A large portion of your diet must consist of fruits, vegetables, legumes, lean proteins and nuts.

Fruits: Apple, banana, lemon, raspberry, blackberry, Avocado, strawberry, orange, watermelon etc.

Vegetables: Spinach, broccoli, kale, cucumber, carrots, garlic etc.

Foods rich in protein: meat, eggs, tofu, cheese, milk, soy, almonds, sunflower seeds, walnuts etc.

By avoiding these  simple workout mistakes, you will see significant results in your fitness regime and are more likely to lead a healthy and active lifestyle.

So what are you waiting for? keep these simple tips in mind while your working out.         -Akhila Kakarala and Pic Courtsey: