Simple ways to make your small space look bigger

Is your small space at home getting cramped and a little claustrophobic? Get into action before it gets worse. Here are few simple ways to make your small space look bigger

Stay organized:
When there is limited space then there is a need to give work to your brains for wide imaginations. Make sure to remove items which have been not in use for more than six months as there are high chances that you don’t need to have it at home. Organize your bookshelves, desk, and wardrobe properly to see how much difference it makes to your space.

Go vertical:
As horizontal décor occupies more space, give your décor a vertical look. By adding the vertical décor lot of space is saved and the place looks more neat and tidy and make sure you have only one wall shelving as it won’t overwhelm and clutter the space.

Multi-purpose furniture:
Multi-purpose furniture is a must, Sofa cum bed, a bed with boxes are very much help full. Make sure to keep this furniture in a proper place to fulfill the need for a bigger space. Light weight furniture is also an option as it allows you to have much more space available and easy to move.

Go monochromatic:
When there is very little space but still you want it to look bigger make sure you use monochromatic colours and make out the difference. Colours makes a lot difference to make a space look bigger or compact.