Simple Make-Over Tips For Your Room

Add an extra drama to your bedroom look, there are few simple tips which you have to keep in mind while decorating your bed room. Make sure your aesthetics are in place and more importantly you need to be certain whether you want the “Me only” look for your bed room or the “we look”.

Lift up the room with lights:
Adding of those extra tea lights to the room gives it a romantic finish, fill up your empty corner of the rooms with lamps to give it a final touch up for the makeover.

Make a cozy nook:
Jazz up your new room with some love seat in a bright and attractive colour and make your room look cozy and comfortable. This change in the room will be a great makeover.

Keep the magic alive:
Make your room more happening and lively, try out something new by dedicating one wall of your room to your partner with a number of framed photographs that will remind you of each other and the best times.

It’s not always about “me” it’s about “we”:
When renovating your room your thoughts should always be “we” rather than “me”. Always choose neutral tones of colours like purple, whites and beige to give the room a warm yet colourful look.