In Sickness and In Health -Maniza and Vishal Patny talk with You & I

Love makes the world go around. While to some these might just be lyrics to a Madonna song, those fortunate ones who have been blessed to have found true love can certainly vouch for the fact that indeed, love does and can make the world go around. Valentine’s Day is around the corner and while some write it off as a marketing gimmick, why not see it as a beautiful way to take time out from one’s busy life to show your near and dear ones how much you care. This week, we catch up with one of Hyderabad’s charming couples – Maniza and Vishal Patny, to find out more about their love story.

Can you tell us how your love story began?
We had a pure love marriage, with the excitement of dating and getting to know each other. The journey has been incredible so far. We’ve made the best memories along the way and built a beautiful life together.

What are some of the things you enjoy doing together as a couple?
Maniza: We enjoy spending quality time together and travelling with our daughter, Anahita. At the end of the day it’s always family first for both of us. We take maximum pleasure in spending time with our loved ones. As parents we like instilling the importance of hard work, integrity, and personal achievement in our child. Vishal is a vibrant person, generous, sweet, and fun to be with.

Vishal: Maniza is a warm, genuine, and accomplished woman who puts a fashionable spin on love and friendship. Opening the store Anahita along with her sister Cherazad, was a natural progression in sharing a slice of her interest in bringing the best of Indian fashion under one roof. As a couple, we are very comfortable with each other, which is a luxury today.

What according to you are the ingredients for a beautiful relationship?
Being comfortable with each other is a simple but key ingredient to a beautiful relationship. It’s more about experiences, and how you live your life and balance your work life. It’s about doing incredible things together—going out there and living your dreams. We always take collective decisions together.

What’s the one key piece of wisdom you would give a newly married couple for a successful partnership?
Marriage is a commitment of a lifetime, so get to know each other and understand what compatibility is before you start your life together. Knowing your partner cares about you is everything. There is always some madness in love (smiles).

How do you two bond?
We love to travel. Our favourite destinations are London, Italy, Switzerland, and Dubai. We are keen to see new places and we absolutely love driving along the vineyards in Italy, and have a passion to try new gourmet cuisines around the world.        – as told to Suneela