Showbiz is my Religion says Sanjjanaa Galrani

Actress Sanjjanaa Galrani gets chatty about her experience in the industry so far, her role as Maharani Mahadatri in “Swarna Khadgam”, and her charming father.

How has your experience in showbiz been so far? 
I don’t feel like an outsider anymore. Acting has become my lifestyle, it’s my way of life, and the only way I know how to work towards progress. My experience in showbiz has been great.

It’s my religion and I am glad this is where I belong.

Do you think the industry is equally comfortable around you? Do you worry about all this ending one day? 
I think I am someone who has aged like fine wine – the older I get, the better I become. I have only banked on my talent, sincerity, and my hard work and I have been successful in doing that. Right now, I’m 45 movies old and over the years I have worked with some amazing directors and producers, including the makers of “Baahubali”, “Vasavadutta”, and “Swarna Khadgam”. Besides, I am an optimist, and equally content with my craft.

About all this ending one day, whether a movie is a hit or turns out to be a flop, it all depends on the audience. I am dedicated to my art, and to be honest, there is not much you can control after you’re done with your job. I can’t worry about my luck or the newcomer who is about to get launched opposite Shah Rukh Khan; I am happy with whatever I have done till now and have absolutely no regrets.

What is your favourite genre?
I love doing comedy. However, since there is a rise of sensible, issue-based, and women-centric movies, I would like to try my hand at it, too. Movies like “Dangal”, “Sultan”, “Mary Kom”, “No One Killed Jessica”, and “Bhaag Milkha Bhaag” have an underlying message and each of them is high on its entertainment quotient, hence, as an actor it gives me scope to emote various sentiments.

Do you relate to any character that you’ve played on screen?
I related to my role of Maharani Mahasatri in “Swarna Khadgam”. She is a warrior queen who is extremely dominant, confident, bold, and fearless. I could instantly connect with her for the demand the character has. Right from the horse-riding to sword fighting scenes, I gave it my all to see how much I could extend myself as an actor.
Any role that you wish you had done?

That of the lead in “Mary Kom”.

What’s next?
I usually go with the flow. When I am working, I give my 100% to it. Being on a set and shooting is like meditation for me – I am so happy and secure. Other than that, I love travelling and spending time with my close friends and family. I also enjoy watching movies – it is like riyaaz for me.

Since this is our Father's Day issue, can you tell us a bit about your father and the bond you share with him?
My father is a charming and innocent man. He believes anybody and helps them in times of need, so much so that even if a stranger comes to our house or cries in front of him, he will pick something from our house and give it to him/her. He is simple, humble, and an inspiration to me. And I’m glad I have imbibed some of his traits. On this Father’s Day, make your father feel special. Take some time out and give him a nice card or a gift as a token of your love and respect for him.                  – as told to Anisha