Shawn Mendes Releases a Catchy New Single ‘Nervous’

Shawn Mendes released the music video his new single, ‘Nervous’ yesterday. The young star’s new release starts off with a chill vibe and progresses into a super catchy chorus. The lyric is an endearing boyish confession about how he gets nervous and excited around his crush. Perfectly relatable no matter how old you are, the song invokes your inner love-struck teenager. 

The minimalistic video features Shawn sitting on a road case with his guitar just strumming and performing while a pair of disembodied hands runs all over his torso and face. The roaming hands just add to the fun and groovy vibe of the song while his charming face and smile could pretty much excuse anything under the sun. 

Check out the groovy new single that we guarantee will be your new ear worm!

-    Tanya Francis
Pic Courtesy: Shawn Mendes’ Instagram