Sharp Unveils the World’s Largest 8k LCD TV

If you are one of those people who think bigger is better, and that your 55-inch 8K TV is small and old tech, we have some good news for you! Sharp, the Japanese-Taiwanese electronics manufacturer, has recently unveiled the world’s largest liquid crystal display monitor. A humongous 120-inch 8K LCD TV, it also features 5G connection.

This latest piece of art is still considerably smaller than Samsung’s 8K 292-inch Wall Luxury TV, but while Samsung’s creation is Micro LED, Sharp has stunned the market with this LCD TV that will take quality to a completely different level.

If you can afford this pricey piece of tech, then you definitely would be able to find a place for it in your house! As of now, any pricing or availability information has not been released, but you can expect the price range to be around that of a brand new luxury sedan.