Shantanu & Nikhil

Shantanu & Nikhil has been revolutionising the fashion game since its inception back in 2000, and it’s a no secret why. The brand, which is the combined energy of the dynamic duo Shantanu Mehra and Nikhil Mehra, is very perceptive to philosophies and practice liberation of thought, speech, and design values. Their design philosophy is replicated through their anti-trend approach to contemporary occasions, ceremonial couture, and silhouettes that are minimalistic yet grand.

Popular for beautifully re-inventing Indian history through the art of the cloth, the brothers constantly break the myriad of stereotypical notions of tradition and fashion. Nikhil’s flair for fusing Indian crafts and modernity showed Shantanu the potential his unique concepts held. The two then worked together to create Shantanu & Nikhil, a brand that has always celebrated contemporary India. Their couture is more a narrative of patriotic and indie-chic values, with a heavy emphasis on sartorial shapes and narrative details.

The label loves silhouettes that have an Indian past as they believe it personifies their contemporary beliefs, and every season with this innovative brand brings new masterpieces that leave everyone stunned. This season is no different! The acclaimed designer-duo now brings us the reinvented, modern-day ‘Raj-kumari’. S&N takes us on a colourful and zestful journey with their fresh collection which is the new face of Indian men and women who embrace and contemporarise it in their own inimitable style. This collection is a portrayal of the juxtaposition that today’s millennials are as articulate, feminine, and dainty as they are bold, confident, and ambitious. The biggest inspiration was drawn from the most ancient form of story-telling – the colourful tales of Panchatantra depicting a lyrical and harmonious array of flora and fauna represented in new-age India.

Staying true to the S&N Anti-Trend philosophy, the masterminds stayed away from their signature decadent hues and went with a vibrant and vivid colour palette. The bright pops of colour are the highlight of this AW’19 collection. Bright pink, yellow, green, and blue have taken centre stage as the liberal mind striving to break barriers and embodying fearless ideologies inspired the brand. The brand has introduced four colour tones with Raj-kumari – ‘Raj Rani’ a bright pink that symbolises unconditional love, understanding and nurturing. ‘Amaltas’ a vibrant, joyous yellow that signifies the freshness, happiness, and positive energy that millennials embody. Adding to the impressive characteristics represented in the S&N colour story is ‘Jauhar Panna’ – a connotation of the richness of the colour emerald that denotes growth, opulence, and royalty. Last, ‘Neelam’, an epitome of strength and power, but also kindness and wise judgement.

The contemporary hues with exaggerated Neo-drapes and dramatic silhouettes featured in this line perfectly tell the story of the modern bride. The exquisite craftsmanship is also perfectly displayed on pieces that have been worked on using classic techniques such as a tone on tone textures and metallic appliques. The wide range goes from voluminous ball gowns, intricate lehengas, to anarkali gowns in rich silk jerseys, sumptuous raw silks, luxurious brocades, and silk organzas. The versatile label has also introduced a never-seen-before menswear collection that consists of muted textures and subtle, yet bold embroidery. Behold the vibrancy of vintage India that has been perfectly blended with the beauty of modern India by the magicians at Shantanu & Nikhil. Having aced the egalitarian look and feel perfectly, the brand now caters to a new India which is nostalgic yet modern and proud.       

– Rubaina