Seven signs of a toxic relationship

While growing up, we were  always taught the key to leading a successful and happy life,  is to establish good relationships whether it might be with parents, children or the love of our life. While it is absolutely true that  you may   find happiness in a healthy relationship with your true soulmate.  But on the contrary, have you ever thought of what happens if your not in a healthy relationship? Well not all of us are lucky to find their true soulmate, it is rather quit unfortunate that some of us might end up in a toxic relationship.

Toxic relationship is a type of relationship between two individuals who don’t respect nor support each other. It is a relationship in which the partner tries to undermine the other and there’s a lack of cohesiveness. While it is true that no relationship is perfect but a toxic one is consistently unpleasant. People living with a toxic person are  physically, emotionally and mentally disturbed in many ways.  

According to Psychologists there are several reasons behind why a person behaves in a certain way. Whether intentionally or unintentionally people who harm their partners  maybe were  themselves victims of a toxic relationship as a child, they may be suffering from a mental illness, or  may have been brought up in an unhealthy environment.

After reading this, you might be wondering, how to identity if your in a toxic relationship?

Are you  feeling unhappy and disturbed after spending some quality time with your partner, then it is  likely that things are not right.

Here are seven common signs of a toxic relationship-

  1. Your partner is jealous and extremely controlling. If your partner is not able to bear the thought of you not being by their side, then you surely need to think about your relationship. If he/she is always enquiring about your whereabouts, its an indication that you are likely to be in a toxic relationship.
  2. Your the one who’s always showing love and compromising. In your relationship, are you the one who’s always compromising or showing love ?  Then you may have to think about fixing your relationship. For a relationship to work out, both the partners should compromise and show love towards each other.
  3. Toxic communication. Instead of treating each other with kindness, if your conversations are full of criticism or hostility then it is not a good sign.
  4. Lack of self-care. One of the signs that suggest that you might be in a toxic relationship is lack of self-care. If you notice that you may be withdrawing yourself from hobbies that you once loved like dancing, painting or gardening then it is likely that your with a partner who doesn't love you anymore or has no respect towards you.  
  5. Your partner finds reasons to avoid you.  You and your partner used to love spending time with each other, but now if your partner is finding reasons to avoid spending time with you then this might be an indication that he might not be interested in you anymore.
  6. Disrespects you- Even when there’s no fight, if your partner disrespects you then you have to rethink about your relationship.
  7. Doesn’t appreciate anything that you do.  Every time you do something, they always have a comment about what you did wrong or how you could have done better then it means that your partner is not willing to  appreciate you for the things you may do for him/her.

Even after reading this, if you still feel that your not sure if your living with a toxic person or not. Then you have to ask yourself the following questions:

  • Are you truly happy with the love of your life?
  • Is your partner happy with the person that you are?
  • Is one of you constantly working towards fixing things?
  • Do you feel like there are more moments of sadness rather than happiness in your relationship?
  • Do you generally feel like your drained out of energy after spending some quality time with your partner?
  • Couples who once loved each other very much, may eventually fall apart. Well, you might be wondering why do many relationships fail?

There are several reasons behind why people struggle with love and marriage.

  •  long-term resentment
  •  Not able reach expectations
  •  simply out of boredom
  •  Not able to nurture an emotional connection
  •  Due to stress at work
  •  You or your partner may have been diagnosed with a serious illness

Relationships are the most important assets to lead  a healthy and happy life.  If you find yourself living with a toxic person or you may be in a toxic relationship with your colleagues at work, You need to gather much strength, listen  to your heart and  have to walk out of such relationships.

- Akhila Kakarala
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