Seriously Fashionable!

We’re more than halfway into the year and, looking back, we can’t help but notice what a seriously fashionable one it has been! While womenswear dominated the ramp in most cases, menswear was not far behind. We’ve seen gents go bold with daring colours and trends, and why not? Gone are the days when all men had to choose from was a black shirt or a white tee!

Today’s designers take their cues from the past and blend them with current elements to set the sartorial tone for the seasons to come. Attitude-heavy but extremely wearable, the popular trends are sure to stick around for a while. So to all the guys out there who need a wardrobe revamp, look no further for inspiration. We’ve rounded up the best fashion trends that will take you through Autumn/Winter 2018 and right through Spring/Summer 2019. What are you waiting for? Get your pen and pad (or iPhone notes) ready! These Western styles are sure to make you an absolute head turner!       

Statement Prints

More often than not, the only visible prints in men’s wardrobes are stripes and checks. But if you’re in the mood to experiment, this is your time! Think tropical designs on shirts or shorts, or geometric-print tees. You can also try comic-inspired hoodies or, even better, canvas shoes with eclectic designs! Bold prints in structured cuts are big this season. They’ve taken over the fashion scene and how!
How to wear it? Try unusual prints in colours of your choice: dark blue, white, red or even grey. But remember to keep the rest of your attire simple, because nobody likes an obvious attention seeker. Go for simple dark denims or black chinos if you’re wearing a printed tee, shirt or hoodie.

Vertical Stripes

Choosing patterns to wear is quite the task for most men, especially for those who prefer going the tried and tested way. But there’s good news! One pattern that’s set to rule the fashion scene is the vertical stripe. A refreshing change from the typical horizontal stripes that have been around for almost eternity, the vertical stripe can make even the most basic outfit look eye-catching. Another great thing about this trend is that you can make it as bold or subtle as you like. For a daring look, pick broad stripes in contrasting colours, but to keep it understated, opt for pinstripes in neutral tones.
How to wear it? Thin stripes are ideal for formal events, but if you’re looking to truly make a statement wear a pinstripe suit with matching trousers. Another way to collect some compliments is by sporting racing-stripe trousers; wear them with a plain shirt and get your style game on! And what’s more? Vertical stripes give the illusion of a longer figure, so it’s perfect for those average height men who are looking for garments that make them look a bit taller.

Oversized Silhouettes

Skip the skinny jeans and slim-fit shirts this season, because baggy is back! Not only are loose garments extremely comfortable, they’re also exceedingly stylish. Ever heard the saying “the bigger, the better”? All you suave men, apply this to your dressing style and you have yourself a head turner. From Balenciaga and Gucci to Zara and Topman, all major brands have been turning out this trend in large numbers lately. In fact, there are actually several benefits to it, too; they allow for more movement and air circulation, making them more relaxed than their fitted cousins. Aesthetically too, they’re unfussy and easily wearable. How to wear it? To rock this trend, remember to strike the right balance between your torso and the lower part of your body, so as to not look sloppy. In most cases, top heavy is the way to go. 

Straight Leg Chinos

When it comes to menswear, chinos are unquestionably a go-to style. As versatile as fashionable, chino pants are one piece of clothing that has made it into almost every man’s wardrobe. They’re great options for casual and semi-formal looks, and come in a multitude of colours and styles. From slim-fit to straight leg and colourful chinos, the options are many. How to wear it? For a relaxed look, pair chinos with a collared T-shirt and a pair of loafers or Converse shoes, while a pair of oxfords or brogues and a shirt with a leather belt work for a more formal one. Remember, chinos should never be too long; ankle length is best. A semi-formal blazer, pocket square or knitted tie will work wonders to dress them up. You can also experiment with the colour of your chinos for a more fun vibe.


Although often looked upon as something your grandfather would have worn back in the day, the turtleneck trend is catching up, and how. Seen frequently in fashion weeks and magazines, it’s now an autumn/winter staple, and can be worn for formal events, casual hangouts, and fashionable appearances. Turtlenecks are extremely versatile and comfortable, too. You can dress them up or down, depending on the occasion. Choose from the varied styles of turtlenecks or ‘polo necks’ available in the market. Why do we love the trend? Because turtlenecks can instantly elongate your frame and accentuate your facial features! So what are you waiting for? Make them part of your winter wardrobe immediately. How to wear it? Experiment with your formal look by swapping your shirt with a turtleneck, under a suit, and see the result for yourself – classy and fashionable. Go for thinner knit turtlenecks in plain colours for a subtle look, and a thicker one for a sharper look. You can also wear a turtleneck with a leather biker jacket for that ultra-sexy look, or keep it simple by wearing it on its own.

Imagine lounging around all day feeling comfortable and looking stylish at the same time. No, it’s not merely a dream anymore; in today’s day and age, althleisure is an increasingly popular trend! Wearing a piece of sportswear can give any look an athletic style, thereby making men look and feel good. Of course, it can’t be worn to a black-tie event, but it works for a casual dinner, or a night out with the guys, if worn appropriately. It’s perfect for the modern man who’s always on the go, as it’s a great combination of practicality and functionality. How to wear it? Athleisure doesn’t simply imply wearing your gym clothes for an outing. Instead, it’s a combination of sportswear with ready-to-wear. Bomber jackets, a pair of sneakers, jogger pants or polo T-shirts worn with items from your weekend wardrobe is what this trend is all about.