Sensational Spaces - The Joy of Flowers! - Mrudula Alla

Nothing elevates your house like a beautifully arranged floral display. The art of making use of flowers and plants to design a striking yet balanced creation is known as the flower arrangement. Not just an art form that’s reserved for special occasions, the joy of flowers can elicit into your everyday life, enhancing your interior design, the aroma of your room, and even living experience.

Mrudula Alla

Meet Mrudula Alla, a homemaker who studied fashion designing from the National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT) Delhi in 1990 and now creates floral arrangements that will leave a lasting impression. Her other hobbies include trekking, gardening, interior designing, travelling, and curating pop up exhibitions! The 50-year-old - who lives in Jubilee Hills with her husband Rajesh Alla, mother-in-law, and her three sons -  loves Indian textiles, crafts, and heritage!

This simple yet stunning arrangement of tube lilies was placed in a vase, on top of a magnificent mother of pearl inlaid table, as the backdrop to a striking sculpture of the Lord Ganesha by Bagvan Rampuri from Mumbai.

The attention-grabbing background for this arrangement is a beautiful painting of a lily pond by the artist Sadanandan from Kerala. The flower arrangement itself is quite fabulous- tube lilies in an Ikkis Degchi vase.

This is the spectacular Bird of Paradise flower arrangement, made using various different kinds of leaves from the garden, including ferns and bird of paradise leaves. A Burmese prayer bowl has been used as the container for it, and the back drop is an elegant antique wooden carving panel.

Fresh flowers are the cherry on top of any well-designed space, take a look at this for instance. In this arrangement, a bunch of white chrysanthemums are placed in an Ikkis Degchi vase, with a glorious antique gold foiled wooden Garuda Vahana in the background.