The Segway Hoverboard 2.0

The iconic two-wheeler brand Segway has always had quite a fan following and they are now taking another step forward into the future, ensuring that everyone comes back for more. Merging with the ever-favourite hoverboard — which all of us want to be able to ride to work — Segway has created the Hoverboard 2.0, which is a futuristic and versatile mode of transport which boasts of modern technology and a chic, minimal design language. This cool device features a retractable steering column which is to house the main console and which will become a functional handle upon retraction — that is how the innovative hoverboard will transform into a Segway. The man behind the Hiverboard 2.0, Nikhil Kapoor, had the genius idea to add a third wheel right in the centre for improved stability and manoeuvrability. The two screens present will display the status of the board and an RGB LED strip is integrated along the wheel arch to keep commuters out of harms way. Unfortunately, not a lot of technical details have been released and although we have high hopes regarding the battery pack, not much can be said at this point. Also being unsure about the price tag, we suggest you start saving up for this baby now as it definitely will not come cheap.