Security Taken Seriously SAFETRUNK

What began as a quest for simple and convenient deposit locker facilities has now led to the birth of SAFETRUNK – one of the finest and largest locker facilities in India. Founded by a group of promoters from Karvy, PVP, and institutional investors, SAFETRUNK offers a deposit locker facility outfitted with state-of-the-art security. Moreover, their core focus is on providing exceptional customer service and the ease of access at all times of the day, 365 days of the year.

Aware of the importance of an individual’s belongings, SAFETRUNK specialises in providing lockers in all sizes, from Mini to X Large. The facility was built complying RBI guidelines, not just for safe lockers but for cash chests as well. They are designed to store items like papers, valuables in gold, jewellery, silver art pieces, photographs, hard drives, confidential documents, and other precious and irreplaceable possessions of a similar nature, for lawful purposes only.


The company’s website clearly lists out the items that are not advised to be stored in the locker and even shares the elaborate system implemented to ensure the safety of every deposited item. This includes, but is not limited to, a four-level layered security access such as 3D facial recognition equipment, intricately monitored alarm systems, round-the-clock armed guards and security personnel, regular patrolling rounds by the state police, and much more.

Furthermore, what sets SAFETRUNK apart from the rest of the locker facilities are its features that are carefully structured keeping the client in mind. The features include the ease of accessing the locker at any time of the day or night, private viewing suites in the vaults, and the multi-layered active and passive security measures.


The safe deposit boxes can only be accessed with the member’s unique security key, along with bio-metric identification. Similarly, for business accounts, authorised individuals must adhere to the same strict entry requirements. To ensure complete privacy and security, only the account holders of SAFETRUNK shall have sole access to their lockers.


As for their application procedure, it is an effortless process which can be carried out at home or at work with a seamless three-step registration system with minimal paperwork and absolutely no requirement for fixed deposits or investment policies. With the provision of even a mobile application to start and renew memberships, the absolute safety of one’s valuables is only a click away.     

    – Roshni