Secrets that cure your acne without chemicals

Tired of using those expensive chemicals for your acne?? Try out these simple remedies and measures to reduce your acne in a natural way and these measures are way too less expensive than your powerful chemicals. Natural remedies are effective and more powerful along with these remedies your body requires that extra care with a balanced nutrition diet to take care of your skin. Here are few simple secrets which help in healing your acne just in 4 weeks.

1.)    Make sure you wash your face twice a day (Once in the morning and before going to bed) with acne soap. These acne soaps are specially designed using sulphur for acne and blemishes. Be extremely gentle while washing your face; avoid using any scrub that will affect your acne. Always use tissue while wiping the face.

2.)  One main reason behind acne infection is due to the hair and the dandruff when in contact with the skin; always pull your hair off your face so that the oils from the skin hair do not get in contact with the skin. Make sure you wash your hair regularly so has to reduce your acne problems.

3.)  Simple mask which helps your skin nourishment and giving that extra care of healing the acne is the honey mask. As honey has antibacterial properties it works great as disinfecting and healing property. It is gentle on sensitive skin.

4)  Acne is also caused due to make up. Avoid using makeup when you have acne as make up products contribute to clogging of your pores, causing more pimples and blackheads. But if in case you have your makeup on your face it is very much necessary for you to clean your makeup thoroughly and wash it with a good face wash and pat dry your face.

5)  Along with these simple remedies make sure you have a perfect balanced diet to maintain your skin. It is very necessary to add few things to your diet to reduce acne and maintain the shine in your face. As vitamin A strengthens the protective tissue of the skin, reduces the production of sebum and is a powerful antioxidant It is very important to include vitamin A rich vegetables in your diet .Include chromium in your diet as it is excellent for healing infections of the skin, and prevents future breakouts.