Scintillating Spain

Meghna Dundi is a professional singer who’s made a name for herself because of her voice. But apart from her love of singing, Meghna also harbours a deep passion for travel. “My soul constantly yearns for exciting travel experiences and spell-binding stories,” she says. “It helps me detox and recharge!”Along with her husband, Ashwin, the singer travelled to Netherlands and Spain and tells us about her journey.

Their first stop was Groningen, a city in the northern Netherlands where a dear friend of the couple lives. “The plan was to drop by and spend three days with our friend,” she explains. “It gave me insight into daily life in the little city of Groningen, and the qualities that make the people so amazing!”

The couple then went on to Tenerife and Gran Canaria, two of the biggest and best-known of Spain’s Canary Islands. “Tenerife is dominated by the magnificent Mt. Teide,” she tells us. “It was the first time I ever saw a volcano, albeit dormant. The sheer enormity of it stunned me. I will never forget the sight!” While on the Canary Islands, Ashwin and Meghna also got to go scuba diving and paddle-surfing. “It was the first time I ever went scuba diving. I felt like a deep-sea diver, exploring the undiscovered depths of the ocean. Much to my dismay, I was later informed that I had only gone to a depth of eight metres,” she laughs. “My husband, however, holds an advanced certification so he went off into the clear waters by himself, with just a request to not wander too far!”

“As for the paddle-surfing, it was simultaneously calming and thrilling,” she adds. “I was very scared of falling into the frigid water, but I was also gleeful that I was still on the board and completely dry,” she laughs. The couple then travelled to Madrid, the central capital of Spain. “Madrid is definitely my favourite city by far!” she exclaims. “I was constantly captivated by the buildings that towered on either side of the rustic stone streets. I enjoyed several walks up and down these beautiful streets. It was like walking through a museum where even small stores were part of grand, old buildings that looked like a monuments!”

During their stay in Madrid, Meghna and her husband also got to make a day trip to Toledo, known as the ‘Imperial City’ for having been the main venue of Charles V. The city is a delightful confluence of Christian, Muslim, and Jewish history and culture. “We also got to visit the Santiago Bernabeu,” she tells us excitedly. “Any Real Madrid fan would understand the sentiment!” Together, they went for a stadium tour, about which she says, “It was like being in a sci-fi production. I was in awe and had to make a real effort to keep myself collected during the entire tour!”

“We ended the day by watching a UEFA match between Real Madrid C.F and CSKA Moscow,” she tells us. “It wasn’t exactly the best game for the Spanish, but I had a great time as it was my first time watching a match live!” Meghna always keeps an open mind while travelling so that she can absorb the most from wherever she goes. “It was one amazing trip and I would go back and do it all over again in a heartbeat, especially if it’s with my partner,” she grins. “We made some great memories together that we will carry with us for a long time to come!”   

- as told to Tanya