Sawasdee ka Thailand

Most travel junkies would happily blend work with some leisure travel, and Ayush Agarwal is no exception. He and his dad recently travelled to Thailand with their business associates, and he shares his fun-filled trip with You & I.
We chose Thailand as it was within our budget and the visa processing was painless. Unlike most foreign countries, Thailand offers visa-on-arrival. The travel time was also minimal, as it took us only four hours from Chennai to Bangkok.
The trip was sponsored by our company – Immunorich Marketing Pvt Ltd. We were a group of ten and we went on a four-day trip — three days in Pattaya and one day in Bangkok.
 Pattaya Beach Thailand
I spent the first day at Pattaya Beach, chilling and sunbathing. We had an amazing time in Pattaya, which is a two-hour drive from Bangkok. The hotel we stayed in was just a three-minute walk from the beach.

In the evening we attended the Alcazar cabaret show, performed by the ladyboys of Thailand, and it is definitely worth attending. The dancers performed famous songs from around the globe and entertained audience of 350 people.
The following day, we took a trip to the Coral Island on a speedboat. It is famous for its underwater coral reefs. This place is perfect for adventure enthusiasts; I did parasailing and walked underwater on the seabed, which was a thrilling experience. One gets to feel the rare flora and fauna during this walk.

We also took a half-day city tour of Pattaya, during which we visited the famous Gem Gallery Pattaya. One can find the most precious stones and gems here. Of course, the nightlife in Pattaya needs no introduction; it is world-famous for its pubs and late-night restaurants. It is also known as Thailand’s sin city, as it is filled with bars and massage parlours. The nightlife is crazy and wild on the streets of Pattaya, especially the famous ‘Walking Street’.
Walking Street 
Thailand’s massages are well-known across the globe, and one cannot afford to skip a massage session. You can find these parlours on nearly every street, and most of them are amazing. I got the famous foot massage at the traditional massage school – Pothivej. It was one of the most blissful moments of the trip!

Bangkok is the capital of Thailand and is famous for its shopping and Buddhist temples. Here we checked into the Check Inn Regency Park. We visited the famous Marble Temple in Bangkok, and shopped at the MBK Mall. Bangkok is the shopping capital of the world; you can purchase quality merchandise at reasonable prices, but only if you can bargain!
The street food in Bangkok is quite famous, and you can find ample authentic seafood at the various stalls. Being a strict vegetarian, I did not try their traditional seafood as we were given veg food throughout the trip.
The endless walks I took on the beach during the evenings were really special to me. It was the beginning of summer and the weather was very pleasant for evening strolls and some peaceful time alone.
Thailand is filled with tourists from across the globe; apart from Asians you will find plenty of Americans and Europeans as well. People there are very amicable; you can easily indulge in random conversations with people to learn more about their culture.
Most certainly, Thailand provides a great experience with all the adventure, wonderful beaches, shopping and wild nightlife. If you are looking to travel to a foreign country and get that stamp on your passport with a minimal budget, Thailand is the place to be.
Phuket and the Phi Phi Islands 
I would like to visit Bangkok again, especially to explore the floating market and Tibetan monasteries. I would also love to experience Phuket and the Phi Phi Islands, for the fabulous beaches. Thailand natives greet people by saying Sawasdee ka (“Hello”) with folded hands, similar to the way Indians greet. I look forward to being greeted that way on my next trip to this wonderful country!     - Ayush