Get Gorgeous!

For our special beauty issue, we talk to a few makeup experts and a renowned hairstylist from the city to give you some exclusive tricks for that perfect look. Check it out!      --- Sumana

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Top four fashion looks by renowned makeup, hair and styling expert Sandy

check out a rundown of a few top fashion looks by Sandy

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Aiming For the Stars

Building a company is no easy task, whether it’s raising funds for investment, building a team, or conquering an audience. The key here is to establish a goal, believe in your vision, and work steadily towards achieving your objectives.

As the founder of a company, you don’t have just one role to play; instead there’s a list of functions – leader, salesperson, recruiter, fundraiser, product developer, marketer and more. If you think being an entrepreneur is difficult, being a young entrepreneur is even tougher. With less experience than their elder counterparts, young entrepreneurs are still challenged to produce the same outcome as the latter. While some young founders are still struggling to be successful, there are many who’ve garnered appreciation for their work. This week You & I caught up with some of the city’s young entrepreneurs from various fields who’ve not only gained success but have created a bit of a buzz around town. Take a look.         - Niharika

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