Samsung’s MicroLED 110-inch 4K TV

The rapidly growing electronics and technology industry has ensured that the consumers have the best products with them. The way we consume visual data has been rapidly improving with LED, O- LED, 4K and 8K in the market. The market is becoming more and more immersive into audio-visual data and thus enhancing our experience. Samsung has been making chain of breakthroughs for the digital entertainment industry with immersive screens and TV’s.

If you are wondering what could be the next advancement with already available commendable quality; the electronic giant has arrived with its upcoming ultra luxury 110-inch MicroLED TV. MicroLED has all the best features of OLED and removes most of the bad features which comes with the technology. This marvel of the device is going to be pinned straight to your wall and all you need to do is sit on and couch and enjoy the magical experience. 

“The 110-inch MicroLED uses micrometer-sized LED lights to eliminate the backlight and colour filters utilized in conventional displays. Instead, it is self-illuminating — producing light and colour from its own pixel structures. It expresses 100 percent of the DCI and Adobe RGB colour gamut, and accurately delivers wide colour gamut images taken with high-end DSLR cameras which results in stunning lifelike colours, accurate brightness from the display’s 4K resolution and 8 million pixels,” stated Samsung in a press release. 

The screen to body ratio is 99.99 percent, which guarantees a no bezel experience. It’s a 110 inch of pure screen and entertainment. What’s even more amazing is they have managed to embed sound system which delivers high sound quality without any external speakers. What else can you ask for! 

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