Saif Ali Khan likes Kareena voluptuous and not Size Zero

Kareena Kapoor Khan made the size zero trend famous when she lost oodles of weight to becomes her skinniest best a few years ago. While she looked super stylish, she did mention how it was hard to skip the Kapoor khandaan’s sumptuous meals when everyone got together. She exclaimed that all of them as a family love food, and that she was on a strict diet and couldn’t indulge in any of the delicacies.

While the world might have loved her sleek and fit look, her husband Saif has always preferred Bebo to be a bit more voluptuous and curvy.

On a recent show called Vogue BFF’s,  Bebo said, "I think he was very excited. I think the best compliment is that every day when he sees me, he’s like, 'I love you more when you’re pregnant. And I think you should just continuously be pregnant' and I was like, 'Oh God, no!'."

She goes on to say, "My husband always tells me, 'I don’t like size zero', he likes the more curvy, rounded kind of women, the typical Indian, Kamasutra-ish kind of woman."

And about the whole “Saifeena” term, "I think it’s awful! It’s just awful. And Saif keeps making fun, he’s like “yeah, we’ll name our child Saifeena”. That’s like a bit of you and a bit of me! Everyone will be really happy."

We love women who are happy in their skin, big or small, and think Bebo is doing a great job of showing us that big can be beautiful!

She says Saif prefers her more voluptous
She says Saif prefers her more voluptous

- Suneela Kirloskar