Saffron Art

 Saffron Art
Hold your horses! It is not a new art movement or a style of contemporary art. It is a name coined by legendary artists belonging to the Progressive Artists’ Group in the year2000. The group of artists is led by the famous painter, Krishen Khanna. At age 92, he is a living legend all over the world.This group has created an art house and called it `Saffron Art’ on the strengths of a private passion.

It has now become a global organisation with deep Indian roots. Saffron Art today has become a dependable platform for fine arts and it is predominantly committed to serving the growing community of Indian artists and collectors while building a cultural bridge to India for the Non-Resident Indian Diaspora and the entire international community of talented artists. Since the past 17 years, Saffron Art has set benchmarks all over the world for launching online auctions and is already the subject of a case study at the Harvard Business School.

Their online auction this year has generated Rs 2.14 crore. Saffron Art offers a vast range of services including art advisory, private sales, valuations and appraisals and specialised storage of art while responding to the needs of collectors today.

Contributions To Saffron Art By Famous Artists
The contemporary art creative scene is flourishing, Among the artists of repute and talent are A. Rajeshwara Rao, Laxman Aelay, Bairu Raghuram,K. Laxma Goud, K. Nandini Goud, T. Vaikuntam, S.H. Raza, and Surya Prakash. Bairu Raghuram works mostly with pen and ink on the canvas; his paintings being simple as they depict rural environment of India while Laxman Aelay likes to paint people. He likes to express happiness with a mix of diverse colours. The visual ideas of Surya Prakash get transformed into his work through an abstract language. The abstractions are an emotional kind of response to nature and the mysteries it offers. Raza has his own unique style as it is portrayed in an example of his painting called `Carcassonne’. The artist who stands out in this select group from Hyderabad is A. Rajeshwara Rao. Two of his paintings are notably outstanding --- `Lachmi on Kalyana Laxmi’ and `Classmates’. 

Rao was born in Vizianagaram in 1960 and holds a Master’s Degree from Central University, Hyderabad. His work has been displayed at art shows all around the world. His paintings convey a message of transition. He depicts simple and everyday people and their ambitions. He brings out their psychological desires and his palette brings alive an intricate weave of forms and lines and his multi-faceted paintings remind the viewers of their own fantasies and dreams. Through his work, he reminds people of a humorous and a quaint manner of the unavoidable influence that popular media has played on Indian culture. His compositions could be described as meticulous and quirky.

– Tahseen