Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively

Okay, this is one adorable love story and we are in love already! Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively’s story seems like it’s ripped straight out of the pages of a breath-taking rom-com! The two became friends on the sets of The Green Lantern and remained friends for a long time until they decided to start going on double dates together! The two would constantly be trying to find each other a perfect date because, well, that’s what friends do! But one fateful night, the two were just by themselves at a restaurant after their respective dates had left, and a song began playing, and Ryan asked Blake if she wanted to dance! And during this dance, one of the moments just had sparks flying out!

Married in September 2012, Ryan and Blake are ridiculously in love with each other and are blessed with two beautiful baby girls – Inez and James Reynolds! The couple believes that the base of friendship and the concept of being friends first is what bonded their relationship the most.     Pic: Instagram