Ryan Reynolds: After 40, action scenes aren't hilarious anymore

Popular for his wit and humor, Hollywood star Ryan Reynolds, who will be seen performing some high-octane action and some adrenaline rushing chase sequences in his upcoming film "6 Underground", says he found performing stunts in the upcoming movie exciting but quipped that after he turned 40, falling on cement wasn't hilarious anymore.

"I loved the car (chase) stuff, all the stuff on the giant boat and the (action sequence) Hong Kong. That was the kind of action sequences which I think were hilarious and fun and exciting. Hardest one was the just fighting the actual hand-to-hand combat stuff... I think after I turned 40 falling on cement wasn't hilarious anymore. I love action, performing it and being a part of it. I love learning from it... I wouldn't say challenging but mostly exciting," Reynolds told reporters here.

Directed by Micheal Bay, "6 Underground" tells the story of six individuals, who form a vigilante squad after faking their deaths in order to take down notorious criminals to bring about change in the world.Talking about his character, he said: "He is an enterprising billionaire who is lot like counterparts the other ghosts in the movie. He is the guy who lost his way to become someone with disenfranchised geopolitical issues and life in general."



- Pic courtesy: iansphoto.in