A Rustic Charm!

Recently launched in Hyderabad, the StoneLife Super Studio is a one-of-a-kind, 48,000-square-foot studio that offers a wide range of the world’s finest natural stone and artefacts. The facility also showcases unique and exquisite flooring, cladding and interior décor solutions. Not just that, it is India’s largest store of exotic artefacts and natural stones. You & I speak to the founders – Pavan Kumar, Vishal Jain, and Dheeraj Jain – while taking a tour of the quirky store in Nanakramguda!

The StoneLife Super Studio was not conceived as a regular stone or décor store. Rather, it was created as a space where people can visit to imagine and visualise the many possibilities in the world of design and décor. The studio spans across a single floor that covers 23,000 square feet of indoor space and 25,000-squarefeet of outdoor showroom space. As a philosophy, the brand has exclusively focused on two things: “trust through quality” and “truly curate and not just replicate”. Often, these are the most overlooked aspects of the business of natural stones and artefacts. At StoneLife, it is the core ethos to continuously and tirelessly scout for and select nothing but the best products from across the globe, and offer only the highest and best quality to their customers.

The StoneLife dream took shape seven years ago when they launched their first ever studio. They opened a second in 2015, followed by Super Studio in 2018. The StoneLife Super Studio is a realisation of a long-standing dream and a culmination of all their experiences. The idea was to make people experience the product beforehand, and only then invest in it. The team wanted to showcase products in the truest sense; not just brands and labels, but products that are original in their conception, unique in design and exhibit the highest levels of quality and craftsmanship. In a nutshell, StoneLife aims to provide its clientele with artistic solutions for their homes – not just stone products or pieces of furniture.

The explicit collection comprises semi-precious stones like lapis lazuli from north Afghanistan, amethyst from Africa, malachite from Zaire, and Grecian quartz. The concept of the store and its vision grew out of various ideas formed through years of travelling the world. It was physically conceived and brought to life by renowned architect Aamir Sharma and landscaping specialist Naveen Panuganti. The two worked in sync to make this monumental studio into a resplendent, refreshing space. The brief given was simple, yet nuanced. The ask was to create an aesthetic that is functional, nature-inspired, sensational, and warm.

Bali has shaped a big part of the larger vision and expectations for the studio. The design language combines function, simplicity and natural eloquence in a setting inspired by the Balinese tropics. Essentially, nature was the inspiration around which everything else developed. The colour palette one sees across the entire space is dominated by shades of grey, various hues of browns, and greens. The studio has also introduced natural stones in earthy colours to accentuate the central theme around nature. The final realisation is a beautiful fusion of nature and all its elements.

The most attractive space in the entire studio is undoubtedly the central courtyard. Built around a 100-year-old neem tree, it features a scenic and idyllic water body at its base. The explosion of green, the open skylight, the reflection of the tree in the water body, and the gentle babble of flowing water – it’s truly something else. Nature is indeed the best designer, and the StoneLife Super Studio is living proof.

StoneLife is coming up with the second phase of expansion with marbles from Italy, Spain, Turkey, the US, and Greece. They are launching four international brands from Spain, Turkey, Italy, and Indonesia for compact surfaces (large format tiles). It also has a lot more in store for the second quarter of this financial year… so stay tuned!         – Zainab

StoneLife Super Studio is located in the Financial District in Nanakramguda, Hyderabad, Opp Exit 1.