Royal is the World’s Most Incredible Coffee Maker

Your morning routine could become even more incredible with the $24,000 Royal, the world’s most extraordinary coffee maker. Replicating the iconic balancing syphon system, that was extremely popular in the 18th century at the royal courts of Europe; these handcrafted coffee making jewels were imagined by a Parisian artist and his team of master craftsmen. Two exquisite glass pieces specially made for Royal by Baccarat will house the precious elixir that keeps you going every single day.

Each Royal coffee maker carries a sequential number, complementing the beautiful and captivating design, thus offering exclusivity to those in need. Future customers are also welcome to choose between several premium materials and finishes, with custom engraving being an option as well.

Using fire, gravity, pressure, and vacuum, the Royal coffee maker will take you where no man has gone before, to an aromatic Nirvana.