The Romantic Getaway

The newest royal couple – Prince Harry and Meghan Markle – also appreciate African holiday locations, and one of their favourite spots is the country of Botswana. The two went on their very first trip as an official couple to Botswana, where they went glamping and spent a lot of quality time together, close to nature. The couple agreed that this was the vacation that was most crucial to their relationship prior to their marriage, when they really got to know each other and built the foundation for their relationship.

The couple returned to the same location the following year to celebrate Meghan’s 36th birthday, staying in a traditional thatched cabin overlooking a pristine lagoon. They also went on a cruise, went fishing, took a safari, and enjoyed a romantic three-course meal beside a glowing fire at the foot of an ancient baobab tree!

Tidbit: Prince Harry purchased one of the diamonds from Meghan Markle’s ring from Botswana to denote the significance the country has in their relationship. These princes are really on top of their romantic engagement ring game!