Rolls-Royce’s Luxury Champagne Chest

Rolls-Royce’s latest addition to their long list of luxury products is a spectacular champagne chest, made with exquisite craftsmanship, and a keen eye for detail that the brand is known for.

Made from machined aluminium and carbon fibre, the chest is enclosed in an astonishing natural grain black leather and Tudor Oak Wood, and ornamented with the Spirit of Ecstasy. Inside the case, displayed at the simple press of a button, you will find a set of four hand-blown crystal champagne flutes, made of glass with a polished aluminium base, with four cotton napkins, embroidered with the signature ‘RR’ monogram nestling beneath them.

The sides of the chest contain two hammocks made from Rolls Royce leather, ‘Hotspur Red’, and the chest additionally holds two Thermal Champagne Coolers, two thermal caviar caissons, two blini caissons, and two Mother-of-Pearl spoons. The starting price of the grand Rolls-Royce Champagne Chest is $45,000, and is available for purchase through Rolls-Royce dealers worldwide.      - Courtesy: