Robert Pattinson does not know how to act!?

In a recent interview with the Observer newspaper, Twilight heartthrob Robert Pattinson said that he does not know how to act! He said, “I don’t really know how to act, I kind of wanted to somehow make it real, and one of the ways I’ve always thought makes that a little bit easier is if you shake up your physical state just before action. You end up walking into a scene having a different…feeling.” He also confessed that at times, he would gag so hard that he would actually throw up. He added – “I forgot I had a mic on the whole time, so the producers and the director, before every single take of the movie, would get… It kind of puts everyone else off.”

The actor admitted of being a catastrophist. However, he feels that in some instances, his pessimistic outlook can be beneficial. About this, he said – “I’m a catastrophist. I’m always thinking that the worst-case scenario is actually going to happen. So when it does happen, I’m like: ‘Gah! OK! I’m prepared!” He also stated that he is drawn to very particular types of on-screen characters. He added, “I’m not entirely sure how to play, like, a normal person. I don’t think I’m great at subtle. I like characters who, when a situation is placed upon them, their decision-making process is incomprehensible.” He also went on to say that he finds it fascinating when people make bad decisions!       - IANS