On The Road to Mrs. - Niharika Konidela

With a smile that lights up a room and warmth that makes everyone around her supremely comfortable - Niharika Konidela is beautiful inside-out. Hailing from a film background, it’s safe to say that this actress has acting in her genes. Talkative and fun, this pretty young thing entered the industry four years ago and has created a niche for herself not only in films but also in the web series space.  

She recently got engaged to a young man named Chaitanya JV and broke many hearts. In conversation with this soon-to-be bride, we found out all about her fiancé, the preparations for her wedding.  

Many congratulations on your engagement! Tell us how you met your to-be husband, Chaitanya?
Thank you. Well, as it’s an arranged marriage everything was well planned. I met him a couple of months back at a family friend’s place.

What was your first impression of him?
The first thing I noticed was how handsome he looked!

What are the three qualities of his that you like the most?
Firstly that he’s a total gentleman and I love that! Secondly, even though he doesn’t look like it but he’s quite a funny man and he’s also very caring.

Now that you’re planning your wedding, has the pandemic foiled your plans?
Not really. I always wanted an intimate wedding. But it’s just getting a little difficult to go out and plan things due to this situation.

Do you think smaller weddings is a boon or bane?
It’s definitely a boon. On a personal note, I have never really understood the massive chaos during weddings. I’d like to remember every small detail and hence, in my opinion, the smaller the wedding, the greater the joy.

Keeping the current scenario in mind - have you thought of your honeymoon?
(Laughs) I’ll let that be a secret for now.

What kind of a bride do you think you’ll make?
I think I’ll be quite a quirky bride and also a supremely hyper one.

Growing up, did you have any dreams of how you’d want to tie the knot?
I always wanted just my close family and friends around. But I love the idea of a palace or a beach wedding.

In real life, how filmy are you? How much of your wedding will be inspired bythe films?
I am very filmy, but I love the whole ‘traditional wedding’ feel. Having said that, I’m also a sucker for sangeets, so that will definitely be super filmy!

On the work front - what’s in the pipeline?
I’ve signed a movie in Tamil with Ashok Selvan, which is being directed by a debutant called Swathini and helmed by Kenanya films. I’m also working on a few web projects and might do one for the streaming service Aha.

How do you usually strike a balance between your professional and personal life?
I take things very slow. When I’m home, I don’t bring work and I don’t let my personal worries distract me at work. So I’m quite sorted that way. I also have a super helpful family. And Chaitanya is very supportive. (Smiles.)

Do you think getting married will influence your career in any way?
Not at all. I might have to concentrate on my family for a bit, but that will not affect my career at all. I have a great team to help me with my projects and a greater family to support me whatever I do.

Rapid fire:
On which song will you dance at your sangeet?
‘Drama Queen’

One similarity between Chaitanya and you…
Both of us love to travel and our friends are our extended family.

And one difference...
I am a chatterbox and he is quite reserved.

Describe your bond in a word
“Cosmic connection.”

One thing you want to change about him?
He eats super slowly. If I could, I’d change that.

Who is the more hyper one?

Who is the more romantic one?
Uh… him! (Smiles)

What colour outfit are you wearing on your wedding?
Red and gold mostly.          --- as told to Anahita