RIMOWA drops iPhone Cases to match its suitcases

The world-famous high-end luggage brand RIMOWA is known for being uber chic in their design and style. The label has now released a pair of really cool iPhone cases that mimic the iconic suitcases designed by the German brand. What’s interesting is that they’ve stuck to the same material used for the RIMOWA luggage.  The signature grooved exterior is also present, lined with shockproof TPU to make sure the user has extra grip on their precious device. Although available only for Apple iPhone XR, XS, and XS Max, they offer two colours – a cool silver shade and a pretty pink shade. Also engraved is the new logo adopted by the company. These phone cases are sure to protect your expensive phone from scratches and falls, all while you stay trendy and in-style. And although you’ll have to spend big bucks to dress your iPhone up in one of these, it will all be worth it!