Rika Restaurant

Rika – Asian #Respiced, is the latest addition to the city’s culinary portfolio. The highly awaited, modern Asian restaurant opened its doors in the Park Hyatt on September 1. Derived from the name Paprika, Rika brings to Hyderabad an experience that aims to set trends in the food and beverage industry with its unique concept and philosophy of dining and culinary theatrics.

Designed with utmost finesse, Rika is a destination for a diverse audience to explore the different characteristics of food through the fieriness of chillies that are used in the dishes. From the moment you enter, you’re greeted with the aroma of chillies being grinded and crafted into pastes. The live teppans and sushi bar with chefs rolling fresh sushi, sashimi, and more is a refreshing sight.

The art and décor of the restaurant is very appealing to the eye. Each piece – from the wine racks to the murals which were commissioned by a renowned artist, to the bar installation – have been curated to create a standout experience.

Open every day for dinner, Rika promises to take you on a journey full of fun and energy with great music, culinary theatrics, and some of the most innovative cocktails served at the bar. Armed with a dash of Asian, the designs are contemporary and modern.