Rihanna's Moroссаn Spiсe pаlette

Rihanna had earlier launched a new beauty product 'Beach Please' collection under her cosmetic brand Fenty Beauty , and now she is back again with yet another stunning makeup collection called the ‘Moroссаn Spiсe pаlette’.

Fenty beauty created by singer Rihanna is known for their variety of products for all skin tones. The brand has become quite popular for the range of shades that it offers. The Moroccan spice palette collection consists of 16 eye shadows. All the 16 shades are in diamond-shaped shimmer and matte finish. They come in warm colours like gold’s and oranges. The palette also includes emeralds and turquoise shades. This exclusive collection has a simple eyeliner.

The Moroссаn Spiсe pаlette will be available from July 6th 2018.

-Akhila Kakarala
--Rihanna Twitter