Richard Hammond Injured In Motorbike Crash

47-year-old TV presenter, Richard Hammond was reportedly badly injured when he came off a motorbike while filming for ‘The Grand Tour’ in Mozambique.

This is the second accident suffered by Hammond who had previously almost died in a 288mph collision at an airfield while filming for ‘Top Gear’ in 2006. The accident saw his jet-powered drag-racing car flip over, causing him serious head injuries. He spent five weeks in hospital after the crash.  

Co-stars Clarkson, 57, and James May, 54, were also at the scene in Mozambique when Hammond was attended to by medics.

Hammond’s co-star Jeremy Clarkson said of Hammond’s motorbike crash: “He really did hurt himself quite badly.”

Asked if Hammond had required medical treatment in hospital, Mr Clarkson responded: "We don't do hospitals". He has made a full recovery since the crash, which happened in the last fortnight.  

-Devashree Goenka