Reminiscing 2020

The year 2020 might not be most people’s favourite year. All of us spent most days of the year quarantined at home. 2020 brought along uncertainties and changes that one could not have imagined- Our long-awaited trips got cancelled, the annual fashion shows went online, all the wedding preparations had to be postponed, the delicacies of street food didn’t seem safe anymore, the regular salon visits and shopping trips became a rare occurrence, and all our summer outfits couldn’t make it out of the cupboard. However, the unforeseen circumstances paved the way for new trends that helped us get through this tough year and some of which we might be seeing in the years to come. We bring to you the best trends in fashion, hair and beauty, food and travel that might last a little longer than this wild year.      --- Aakanksha Verma

WFH in style
All the Zoom meetings made us realise how comfort and formal could go hand in hand regardless of the place of work. Your WFH wardrobe need not be laid back or boring. With little effort here and there, comfortable workwear could make you feel confident, whether it’s on a video call or in-office. Culottes or formal Bermuda shorts paired with a semi-formal top could be your chic WFH combination.

Go Big On The Sleeves
In recent years, we see the comeback of different vintage sleeves like puff sleeves, bishop sleeves, balloon sleeves, etc. on dresses, tops and even shirts. The oversized sleeves and the breezy fabric make any dull outfit look like you put in hours of effort to get the look together. Even when paired with simple skinny jeans, the volume of the sleeves adds a statement to the entire look, making it much prettier.

Fantastic fanny pack
The vintage bag trend seems to have made its place in the fashion world as a classic. The design is reinvented by talented designers every other season, only to make it better. The utility of the belt bag with the latest designs is being loved by men as well. A colour-popping fanny pack or an embellished one can give the required statement and detail to an average, bland look.

Towering platforms
Sky-high platforms have taken all shapes and sizes this year. From heeled boots to flatform sandals to heeled sneakers, the decades-old trend could be seen everywhere. Opt for a colour-blocked pair for a casual look or embellished ones to go with ethnic attire.


Tied in chains
Chain link jewellery has been seen in all forms this year; be it as a necklace, as a bracelet, as an embellishment on sneakers or clutches. If styled perfectly, the metal detailing suits all occasions, pair the thin chain earrings with a blouse for an office look or grab the bold, chunky neckpieces for a party vibe.

DIY masks
We all knew how effective our granny’s homemade face masks are, but never made an effort of regularly making and applying them. The nationwide lockdown was the perfect opportunity for everyone to take a self-care moment at home by applying homemade masks as a part of their skincare routine. You could research on the ingredients best suitable for your skin type or just follow Kendall Jenner’s turmeric and avocado combination for the smooth, flawless glow.

Gua Sha
Gua Sha is a traditional Chinese practice that translates to ‘scraping the pain away’ in English. This technique involves using tools like jade stones or facial rollers to relieve stress from the facial area. This helps improve blood circulation in that area and tighten and lift the skin. If celebrities like DeepikaPadukone are using this technique, what stops you from getting a brighter skin in just 10-minutes?


Bobs and bangs
Ever since salons were shut down, most of us experimented with our hair while watching Youtube tutorials. Some of us thought of chopping the unmanageable long locks while others gave bangs and fringes a chance. Both the looks have become a very evident trend now. Be it individually or both combined, we love the vintage vibes!

Splash of color to lower lash line
Jazzing up your makeup with colourful eyelids is old news. The trend we could not get enough of was the colourful lower lash line trick. It adds just the right amount of pop of colour to the entire look. Keep the rest of the eye makeup in muted tones to draw attention to the lower lash line.

Bare minimum makeup
The ‘no-makeup’ makeup trend has been with us for years now. With the quarantine habits, going bold with makeup does not seem ideal at the moment. The face masks hide the perfectly matched lip colour and the sharp contour; thus, people opt for neutral, effortless looks that give an off-duty vibe.

The Quarantine Coffee
At some point or other during the lockdown, all of us tried viral food trends at home. When we speak of viral food trends, we cannot miss out on is definitely Dalgona coffee; probably the only good thing in 2020. The yummy whipped coffee floating on the top of milk gained popularity like never before, and none of us could keep ourselves from whipping a cup of our own.

Intermittent Fasting
This fasting technique that allows eating only in a predetermined eating window might have been known for long. Still, it gained popularity recently due to the benefits of the surface through various studies. Intermittent fasting is said to decrease the probability of obesity and cancer. Even Hollywood stars like Reese Witherspoon and Jennifer Aniston are participants in the fasting programme and claim that it has made a big difference.

Super healthy superfoods
Consuming food items that are packed with nutrients seems like a necessity, now more than ever. In the absence of a vaccine or cure for coronavirus, a healthy diet is one of the few ways to fight the virus with minimum complications. Superfoods include blueberries, kale, sweet potatoes, and non-vegetarian options like salmon. These are filled with antioxidants, healthy fats, fibre, and phytochemicals with numerous heart, gut, and overall health benefits.

Ditching Dairy
The advantages of going dairy-free have been highlighted multiple times by various experts around the world. However, the move seemed almost impossible with the unavailability of dairy-free products, especially in India. With time, we see a wider market of products like almond milk, soy milk, oat milk, tofu, etc. which is encouraging more and more people to get rid of their dairy products for good.

Dining Safely
After the lockdown, the reopening of restaurants and bars did not eliminate people’s fear of dining out. The hygiene measures taken amidst the pandemic were much awaited, especially in street food and small food joints. Safety protocols from the owner or the waiter, like sanitisers and gloves while serving food, ensuring clean cutlery, providing the customers with a safe and clean dining experience, might be critical for evaluating the respective restaurant onwards.

Eco Travel
The entire travel industry is getting more conscious about the climate crisis. Activist Greta Thunberg travelled from Europe to New York on a solar and wind-powered boat to avoid travelling through an aeroplane due to its carbon emission. Her voyage raised awareness on how travelling is a threat to the environment. Thus travellers are switching to ways that reduce their carbon footprint, like fewer pollutant modes of transportation including electric cars, sustainable accommodations, zero wastage of food while travelling, etc.

Hidden gems
Lately, many travel enthusiasts have been visiting obscure places which are no less beautiful than the cliché ones. Hampi, Coorg, Gokarna were some of the trending go-to spots this year, for travellers who seek peace and tranquillity, away from the city’s chaos.

Bleisure travel
Combining work with leisure by extending a business trip to explore various locations is not a new idea. With many companies adopting work-from-home for the coming year and in some cases, permanently, leisure travel would take a new dimension. One could spend the weekend at an exotic location, doing fun activities, followed by a week full of efficient work on the laptop, beside a beautiful view and peaceful setup.

POD travel
Pod travel refers to travelling with a close-knit group of family members or friends while following all the safety protocols. A survey was done by rental marketplace Airbnb shows that most trips being searched for the next year include three or more travellers rather than large groups. Pod travel is safer and would provide you with more time to reconnect with your close ones.

Weekend getaways
The uncertainty and sudden enforcement of lockdown by various state governments has made the travellers apprehensive about planning long trips. They have switched to short and quick weekend getaways, instead. It is wise to be in the radius of about 500 km of your city when heading out on a trip and explore your state to avoid coordinating with other states’ quarantine rules and restrictions.             - Pics: Instagram and Pixabay