Reiki- Ancient Japanese Stress-Busting Technique

The modern lifestyle is fast-paced. And though it comes with its advantages, it does have its downside, too. While we benefit from the latest technology and enjoy the luxurious lifestyle, competition can be cut-throat. The stresses we deal with every day can bring confusion and, sometimes, depression. This week, we speak to Chetna Parekh, a practising Reiki Grandmaster, who reveals the deep secrets of Reiki, an ancient Japanese stress-busting technique. Chetna chanced upon Reiki while on vacation in Southeast Asia, where her journey from successful businesswoman and cosmetologist to Reiki Grandmaster began. After training with Sensei Penny Lee and various other gurus, she now practises tarot card reading, aura reading, globe gazing and crystal healing. Read on to learn how she combines Reiki with alternate forms of healing.

There is stress in every part of life, whether you’re a student, a working professional or a homemaker, there’s no escape from the stress monster for anyone. And what affects the mind is sure to affect the body. Reiki is something which can not only help ease the tensions of the mind, but can also improve your overall mental and physical well-being. In fact, it can positively affect almost every aspect of your life; it helps harmonise relationships, deal with addictions, overcome fear and phobias, and improve memory and concentration.

So, what exactly is Reiki?

Developed in 1922 by the Buddhist guru Mikao Usui, Reiki is an ancient art used to reduce stress and induce relaxation, while also promoting good health. This technique is based on the idea of an unseen force which flows within each of us. According to Reiki, when this life force energy ebbs, stress levels increase; when the energy levels inside are high, you’re happier and healthier. Reiki is all about tapping this energy, and it’s said to transform the mind and body for the better, which can be applied to any kind of physical or emotional ailment to yield positive results. Combining ‘Rei’ which represents universal, spirit, mystery and gift, and ‘Ki’ which means energy, Reiki literally means ‘universal life force of energy’.

A subtle ability to heal as matrix energy, Reiki uses the internal rate of vibration and brings them to a healthy and harmonious state. And this retuning of vibrations restores a balance in internal energy and a renewed vitality, in one go.


How is Reiki performed?

Reiki, which is all about healing through the simple method of using your hands, is considered to be spiritual. Yet it differs from the other ancient forms of spiritual healing. In this technique, a Reiki practitioner (or master) manipulates the level of energy field by placing his or her hands a short distance away from the patient’s body. This cannot be completed without voluntary participation from the person who is seeking Reiki.

Traditionally, the performer needs to be someone who has a strong energy field himself/herself. While placing their hands over the recipient’s body, he/she can release a positive flow of energy which helps relieve stress by increasing the energy vibrations. Though it is the healer or Reiki master who performs the art, it is the passive receiver who actually draws this flow of energy. This makes Reiki an art of healing like none other. Here it is the recipient whose subconscious decides how much energy to draw. One piece of advice, if you wish to receive this form of energy balance, ensure that the person performing Reiki is well qualified to do so.


How can Reiki help relieve stress?

This system of healing is unique; it helps transmit the flow of energy from the healer to another human energy system, simply through use of the hands. This restores the balance of energy levels and the vitality of the being, so that the pent-up stress is released, which in turn reduces physical and emotional blockages. So you end up relaxed and revitalised through Reiki.

What else can Reiki do?

Wait! There is more to Reiki than just stress relief. It can not only accelerate the rate of healing, but also assists in the cleansing of toxins, brings the right balance to the flow of energy in the body by removing blockages, and helps you get in touch with your inner self.

Reiki treats your body, mind and spirit as a whole. Simple and natural, it has been practiced through the ages as one of the safest and most spiritual forms of healing. It not only gives a whole new meaning to life and health as we know it, but also allows you to release that locked-up energy within. Reiki is living the potential in reality, unlock this potential for a strong, simple way to achieve balance, well-being and vibrant health.     

– as told to Pallavi
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