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There are so many fictional worlds we love, so many people we’d like to meet and places we’d like to go. Here are the top ten fictional towns that we all want to live in, ranked.

1.    Hogsmeade Harry Potter
Harry Potter is special to all our hearts; and we all know we want to go chill with all the Hogwarts students eating at the Three Broomsticks, buying things at Zonko’s joke shop, drinking tea at Madam Puddifoots, snacking at Honeydukes, trying on clothes at Gladrags…the list is basically endless.

2.    Starling City/Central City DC Comics (Arrow/The Flash)
Who doesn't want to run into the Flash while grocery shopping, or see Arrow photobomb your casual street selfie? The only places this could happen are Central City or Starling City, and let’s be real, even though these are  cities “of crime”, do you mind a certain crusader saving the day?

3.    Tree Hill One Tree Hill
A charming small town full of gorgeous people, serious drama and an epic basketball court. Need I say more? Home to the iconic TV series One Tree Hill, this town will forever be remembered as the setting for all the show’s epic twists and turns, it’s music cafe and it Karen’s restaurant, the high school and the eclectic clothes stores. There is only one tree hill, people.

4.    Stars Hollow Gilmore Girls
Is there any place as friendly, festive and unique as the setting of Gilmore Girls? Another cute little town where everyone knows everyone, its residents are tons of colourful characters with big personalities, awesome events and traditions. If you've watched the show, you’ve wished you were from Stars Hollow.

5.    Storybrooke   Once Upon a Time
The opportunity to get to meet our favorite fairy tale characters is not one we could pass up, even if there’s a good chance that a pretty wicked villain (or three, in the case of this past season’s Queens of Darkness) could pop up at any moment. Storybrooke has all it’s small-town charm intact- Granny’s diner, the pawnshop of Mr. Gold- and yet has enough action to satisfy the easily bored.

6.    Gotham Gotham
You could work at Wayne Industries, share the lift with Batman and have rooftop run-in with Lex Luthor. Yes, this is a pretty dark place but so, so interesting to live in: alien ships crashing all over the place, superheroes rushing to save the loves of their lives. How exciting to watch people rescued and villains finished over your morning coffee!

7.    The Emerald City The Wizard of Oz
The place symbolising all creativity, glowing like a beacon at the end of the yellow brick road. The hue of this metallic green-gold citadel is so captivating that the place manages to strive through all of the books and reside in the cultural imagination resiliently, and this would be a carefree, happy place to live in.

8.    Hobbiton Lord of the Rings, the Hobbit
This quaint little village in the Shire from LOTR has beautiful scenery, a friendly atmosphere and lots of great food.All you have to worry about is your garden and nosy neighbors; drinking songs and lovely houses under the hill. It seems like a peaceful place where you could just live an undisturbed existence.

9.    King’s Landing Game of Thrones
Game of Thrones, show of unrivalled proportions, has so many iconic cities. But if you’re going to live in times as violent as those in Westeros always are then you might as well do it somewhere as aesthetically pleasing as King’s Landing. Though chances of survival here are difficult, it would definitely be worth it to walk on the roads of Rose and Gold, maybe glimpse the mighty Red King.

10.    Pawnee Parks and Recreation
If you have more of a Midwestern heart, you might be more at home in Parks and Rec’s setting, a town whose residents are passionate about harvest festivals, giant soft drinks, diner waffles and their public parks. You’ll see ecstatic bureaucrats, angry suburban housewives, the odd rockstar- Pawnee has it all.

-Devashree Goenka