Reasons Why Slovenia Must Be Your Next Holiday Destination

lovenia, a beautiful place located in the central Europe, is known for its serene beauty and hilly terrains. It has the world’s most amazing ski resorts. This place is most famous for its cool climate, and hill top castle that blows away your mind with its beauty. If you are still not convinced about having this place as your next travel destination, here are 3 more reasons –
Reason #1: The Bled Island
Well, this place has an island called the bled island which is unique in its own way. It is s beautiful that you just cannot take your eyes off the island and its beautiful lake. Witness one of the most amazing sun sets in the island, which is naturally serene and calm. This island is called the Fairytale Island, and it is said to be considered lucky, if a newlywed groom carries his bride over the 99 steps of this island.
Reason #2: The Dragon Bridge
Interesting isn’t it? Well, this is a unique masterpiece of Slovenia, where in a dragon sculpture marks the bridge. Well, this too has an ancient belief, that if a virgin crosses the bridge, the dragon wages its tail.  This one is the city emblem, marking the unity and strength of the people residing in this place.
Reason #3: The Ancient Bronze Door
This ancient door is a picturesque attraction of the ancient architecture. It is the bronze door of the ancient Saint Nicholas Cathedral along with Jesus and his 6 popes. This door belongs to the 20th century, yet is as strong as it was built.
Need we say more? Just book your flights, and explore this beautiful place.