Reasons for infertility in men and women

Infertility affects both men and women at any point in time in their life. Infertility is on rising trend in the recent years due to the significant changes in lifestyle and how are embarking on it. Before we dive deep into the reasons for infertility, let us talk about some disturbing metrics. The awareness level of fertility health is very pathetic. Most of the tier-3 city people have not even heard of infertility in their lifetime. Their typically understanding of fertility health is the denial of God's blessing for a child. They spent years waiting for the pregnancy to happen and never realize it is actually a problem with their body. Some other are ignorant of the male infertility fact. The women are the ones who are blamed for this and the men in their community are very reluctant to even getting them tested. Thanks to a lot of NGOs who have been spreading awareness among this category of people.

IVF treatment in Chennai is becoming popular due to two things:
●    Rising infertility rate
●    Preference towards IVF treatment
First, let us look at the causes of infertility which is leading to an increase in the infertility rate%.

  1. Lifestyle tops the chart for the reasons for infertility. The kind of jobs and the type of lifestyle which people adapt to have done more harm than they realize. IT jobs and jobs in front of a computer demand a lot of idle hours in front of the computer. Hence there is no physical activity. Also, most of these jobs are very competitive and hence there is a lot of stress which is involved. In order to help them from this stress, people start drinking and smoking. Smoking is trending that people have started to think it cool. But in reality, it is not. So such unhealthy habits lead to lower and poorer sperm production in male and complex gynec problems in the female.
  2. Being overweight or obese is the second most common reason for infertility. Men with bigger waistlines are said to be lesser fertile than men with slim waistlines. The reason being hormone activity in the body. Thyroid and diabetes come in early age for people who are overweight.
  3. The third common reason is genetic. You cannot escape from this reason but you can really figure this out from your family history. Visit the best fertility clinic in Gurgaon for male infertility can help you figure out the ways to improve your infertility or even the ways to overcome infertility.

Infertility can happen to anyone at any point in time. The advancements in medical sciences have brought in a lot of technologies like IVF, IUI, ICSI and so on. There is also a slight preference increasing towards IVF because of increased late marriage and also some women no longer want to undergo the changes which pregnancy brings in.

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