Read Ryan Gosling’s Romantic Speech At The 2017 Golden Globes

Ryan Gosling won the Golden Globe for best actor in a musical or comedy for his role in the musical “La La Land” and dedicated his speech to his family, Eva Mendes and their two daughters, Esmeralda and Amada.

“This isn't the first time I've been mistaken for Ryan Reynolds. It's getting out of hand. Ryan, obviously, there's been some kind of mistake, but I'm up here, so if you don't mind.

Damien and Emma, this belongs to the three of us, I'll chop it into three pieces. I don't really want to do that, because who would get what piece? No one wants the bottom and we'd fight over the top. It could tear us apart. The point is, you understand, it's ours. Thank you.

You don't get to be up here without standing on the shoulders of a mountain of people. There's no time to thank everyone. I would like to try to thank one person properly and say while I was singing and dancing and playing piano and having one of the best experiences I've ever had on a film, my lady was raising our daughter, pregnant with our second, and trying to help her brother fight his battle with cancer. If she hadn't have taken all that on so that I could have this experience, it would surely be someone else up here other than me today. So sweetheart, thank you.

To my daughters Amada and Esmeralda, I love you. And if I may, I would like to dedicate this to the memory of her brother, Juan Carlos Mendez. Thank you very much to the HFPA. Good night.”

-Devashree Goenka