Rare Aesthetics Rani - Kamini Singh

Brought up in Delhi and married into the royal family of Seohara, Rani Kamini Singh channelled her passion for design and began working with various artisans in the field of Indian, hand embroideries. Along with her daughter Chandni Kumari Singh, she has established Rose Tree – a brand synonymous with comfort and class. Their creations are subtle and stylish, providing a classy alternative to both casual and party wear. Here’s how our chat with her went.

How did Rose Tree come about?
Rose Tree was actually launched for my daughter. She grew up seeing artisans and has been indirectly involved in clothing and hand embroideries. So she was naturally drawn to fashion, and we saw how she was passionate about this field. Therefore we encouraged her to join in the business and take the legacy forward. We also wanted to bring in a modern twist along with her flair for keeping it classic at the same time. That’s when Rose Tree started, in 2008.

What’s the aesthetic?
When I started Rose Tree with my daughter, we were looking for fabrics that are different from the usual Indian fabrics in the market like crepes, silk, and georgettes. Khadi, which is what I was working with earlier, couldn’t be used in this new project. Back then, we were doing yoga wear for the US market in organic cotton, and we wanted to bring organic cotton to India and make it lifestyle wear.

To add a touch of royal style, we brought back some old embroideries and replicated the designs. This were instantly successful, and people loved what we made. The fabric is lightweight and breathable. So keeping in mind fashion and comfortable styles, we went ahead with organic cotton and embellished it with gota work. The next thing we know, we’re making classic pieces that you won’t feel like discarding from your wardrobe even after years!

What part of the business do you handle?
I’m in the background – overseeing production, coming up with new designs, dealing with the craftsmen, and handling supply. Chandni keeps the uniqueness going, and I handle the back-end work.

What’s in the pipeline for you?
Perhaps some changes in the fabric. We’ll try to add more colours as well and bring in some important changes for more festive offerings. Also, we’d like to enter the international market. Our vision is to be on a bigger platform. We hold fashion shows in a yacht club, in the South of France. This has to expand. We are training the karigars to match international standards, too, but it will surely take time.

What’s your signature style?
Crushed organic cotton and a little gota embroidery. It’s simply chic and presentable. Gota embroidery is valued in the Indian fashion culture and instantly uplifts any outfit!

How do you relax after a hectic day?
Music. After a long day of work with meetings and exhibitions, I prefer listening to some soothing music. Have a drink, watch news, especially politics. And sometimes I turn on Netflix and watch some amazing movies and TV shows. I also play with my dogs – that works for me!              – as told to Sumana