Rang Barse - Seema and K. Mohanchandran

K. Mohanchandran is the area director for the five Taj properties in Hyderabad, and the General Manager for Taj Krishna. His beautiful wife Seema bid adieu to the corporate life and has dedicated her time towards rescuing and fostering animals. In their free time, binge-watching Netflix has become their newfound hobby of late.

When asked what significance this festival holds, they replied that this is the time of year when they officially put away their winter clothes and bring out the cheerful light and breezy summer clothes.  Walking down memory lane, Mohanchandran revealed that some of the most memorable Holi celebrations were during his childhood in Delhi. He always looked forward to playing with colours. Nowadays, however, Mohanchandran strongly feels that as the vagaries of life have taken over, the community bonding has slowly disintegrated. It is this strong community bond he deeply misses today.

Seema too has fond memories of celebrating this festival with friends from her boarding school. This year, the beautiful couple has planned nothing big, but they will spend the day with a bunch of friends. Seema and Mohanchandran use organic colours made of flowers and natural ingredients, as they feel it’s important to enjoy the festival without causing harm to humans or animals. The one thing that bothers them the most is how people put the street dogs and cats in danger by putting colours on them.