Rang Barse - Rummy Azad Mahendra

Rummy Azad Mahendra is a well-known dentist and cosmetologist who, in her free time, likes to sing and loves to travel. For Rummy, there are so many special childhood memories attached to Holi, and it remains one of her favourite festivals. As a child, she helped her mother make special dishes, including the sweet dish known as Gujjiya, and is also particularly fond of Jalebi and Thandai. On Holi, she thoroughly enjoyed filling up water balloons and mixing buckets full of colour.

One of her best childhood memories associated with the celebrations was when her father, who was in the army, was posted near Ranchi. This was the year when she celebrated one of the most fun-filled parties ever with her friends and family. This year, Rummy and her family are planning to celebrate at a friend’s place. When asked about her take on celebrating a safe Holi with skin-friendly colours, she said playing with organic colours is the best way to avoid those permanent colours. The permanent ones contain many chemicals which do more harm than good for our skin and hair.