Rang Barse - Megha Kantheti

Born and raised in New Delhi, Megha Kantheti graduated with a master’s degree in hospital management from the Apollo Institute of Medical Sciences. She is working in the International department with Apollo Hospital in Hyderabad. She is also a national level tennis player and a great swimmer. In her free time, she loves to do charity work and travel.

Megha enjoys celebrating the festival, as she feels it is an auspicious day filled with vibrant colours of prosperity, happiness, and compassion. On Holi, Megha starts her day by distributing goodies to underprivileged children. Later in the day, she meets her friends and family for lunch. Reflecting on her best childhood memories, Megha says that while growing up, she would wait for this festival so much that she used to wake up her parents early in the morning just to remind them it was Holi! The most fun part of the festival was when she and her brother used to pick up buckets full of coloured water and spill it all around, chasing their friends with a fist full of colours and water guns.

This year, Megha is looking forward to celebrating the festival with her friends and family. One thing that holds utmost importance to Megha during Holi is safety. She says, “One should look out for natural colours that are skin-friendly with zero chemicals. Wearing sunglasses is also vital, and applying coconut oil on our skin and hair is a must. ”During this festive season, Megha loves to try out special varieties. Some of her favourite dishes are Mater Ki Kachori, Mawa Gujjia, Gulab, and Khus Thandai.