Rang Barse - Girish and Shruti Mallpani

The Mallpani’s are well-known faces in the city. They are the owners of the first mall in Hyderabad – MPM Mall. Both Girish and Shruti are into the real-estate and construction business. Shruti is inclined towards fashion and styling. In her free time, she loves reading fashion magazines, while her husband Girish is fond of singing and martial arts. Holi is the Mallpani’s second favourite festival, after Diwali. On this auspicious day, this lovely couple not only plays with vibrant colours, but also follows a family tradition by performing the Holika Dahan Puja.

The Mallpani’s are particular about having traditional food on the day of the festival. Some special dishes prepared in their household are Dahi Wada, Dal Ka Halwa, and Poori with Aloo Curry. While Shruti’s favourites are Dahi Wada and Kanji Wada, Girish is fond of Dahi Wada. Every year, they organise a private party for their friends and family in their house. However, the couple won’t be celebrating this year as they are travelling. When they do play Holi, Shruti and Girish prefer organic colours rather than the artificial ones, as they feel that these colours are of poor quality and lead to various health hazards. “We must all ensure that our Holi celebrations don’t turn into a nightmare,” Shruti concludes.